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15th November 2002

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#1 18 years ago

Fisrtly i wanna ask... What the F|_|


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27th February 2003

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#2 18 years ago

best thing i can tell you to do is down load it and see if you like it. i do but i work with a guy and he doesnt.i ve heard mixed reviews on here as well when people were kinda talking about it when it first came out. it could benefit from some better maps that were more like the old ones. but dual objective . right now its just mainly a grab and dash as many times as you can. with the winning tema decided by points. but one of the best times i had playing it was on the regular beach map.


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12th October 2002

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#3 18 years ago

Well let's see I dunno why sub hasn't posted it here on rtcwfiles otherwise I would have posted lots of news about it basically they released a mac version u can download it off their site @ http://www.wolftactics.com

& also a custom map for it was released by =jazz= @ http://dynamic3.gamespy.com/~leakspot/?p=map_details&id=211