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26th June 2004

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#1 11 years ago

So I was in Biology II yesterday, when I happened to notice a whitetail deer skull laying on the table. Now, I live in Iowa, so I see them all the time, but for some reason I just now noticed something: it bares a remarkable resemblance to the Xindi Avian skull! The antler stalks, mouth structure, teeth, everything. The only huge differences are the second hole in the deer skull and the longness of the Avian. Other than that, they're really quite similar.

Has anyone else noticed this? What are your thoughts?

Here's a few photo comparisons, although I never found a great picture of a whitetail buck, as that is the closest skull I know of. Trust me though, if you find a great photo of a deer buck skull, they look extremely close, regardless of what my subpar photos show.


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22nd May 2005

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#2 11 years ago

Well they have to get their inspiration from somewhere.



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25th March 2005

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#3 11 years ago

indeed, they said it many times in special features that when they need to make new aliens, they look to our original creatures and they start mixing it up.. quite normal!

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13th July 2006

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#4 11 years ago

Its cool though! You could mount one on your wall. ;)


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5th September 2006

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#5 11 years ago

Yeah I noticed that in the episode too. DS9 used a lot of everyday items for props also. In one episode when Odo is accessing a ODN conduit I started laughing because it was a toolbox accessory used for an 1983 Nissan King Cab, which at the time I just happen to own. Kinda takes a way from the whole “getting yourself lost” in the fantasy.