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13th August 2002

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#1 16 years ago

Alright its been pissing me off. Alot of the servers i go to and play have been getting TKed alot recently by Pyro Techno. A few people have asked me if i was Pyro Techno. The anser is No. Pyro Techno is however my brother and sometimes forgets to change his name before entering game (which explains why people see LoXiN being changed to Pyro Techno.) Now i would also like to clear up the fact that YES i have TKed in the past. YES i do Find myself TKing now. YES i do follow the "ethics" on TKing i posted before. NO i do not TK under the name of LoXiN. Pleas dont accuse me of somthing my brother does to you under Pyro Techno.

P.S. I will not ask him to stop TKing or even pass on your messages because i am currently trying to organize TKs in a group (the only way to stop a TK is to be kind to one) so that i may lay down the rules for TKing in RTCW (ethics if you perfer.)

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23rd May 2002

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#2 16 years ago

Ok #1 TK'ers sux arse......#2 if yur nice to em they still tk ya....#3 Most of em Need to be kicked off the server as many times as possible and maybe it will click in there stupid little brains that wut they are doing is wrong and not even worth doing.....If i ever run into a Tker i dun shoot em back wut happens is he will kill us all and then the other team will take advantage and kill him and usually win the game and guess wut happens then THE TEAM KICKS one respects tkers no one ever will u guyz who do it have no lives and are trying to make everyone mad at u but for wut reason??? If u like to TK GO TO q3 or some other game where its ok or semi ok to TK here it is not the team has to work together to accomplish goals if they fight amongest themselves they loose so think the next time u aim yur gun at a guy on yur team Why and What am I going to accomplish by doing this.....

One last thing before I go....Team Killerz suck and they are mostly Idiots who if they ever went to war would be a coward and duck down and hide from the battle crying....


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25th June 2002

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#3 16 years ago

LoXin, what have u been smokin? Have u accidentaly beet urself senslise with a mallet? TKing is shooting someone that helps u, if u think tking is u are against everyone then ur wrong, half of ur team will not shoot u or anything, even if u tk them, so tking is shooting ppl without guns, basically im saying tking is bad, and a good name is TKer527.

Hope to never see pyrno techno or loxin in a game, if i do i will vote to kick them or knife their balls off, even tho i think ur ok loxin :lol: