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We are the Brotherhood of Destruction(BoD). We are recruiting for our Starcraft 2 section. We started out as a Diablo2 clan but we have grown to include Starcraft2 and we are welcoming all people to join our Blizzard Community!

We are a Clan with a strong commitment to respect for each other and the community. We focus on maintaining a pleasant playing atmosphere, and include players of all competence levels, and all preferred playing styles. Currently we are recruiting for North America and Europe. The Brotherhood's goal is to unite players from all realms, under a common theme, the playing of Starcraft2, Diablo 2 LoD, and Diablo 3 upon its release.

The Brotherhood is an alliance based on democracy. Where each member has a voice and a vote. Each item up for vote is open for discussion. Anything that is brought before the clan for vote will either pass or fail pending the majority. In case of a tie the High Counsel will intervene and cast their vote. If it is still at an in pass, the topic will be put aside and voted on again at a later date.

All new members will go through a 3 week probation period. They will be reviewed on forums activity and Bnet activity. Current members will vote ye or nay on whether or not the probationary member is the right fit for the Clan. Applicants who do not pass this period can re-apply within a months time if they so chose to do so.

The Brotherhood of Destruction(BoD) was created to establish a community of Diablo 2 and Starcraft2 players with the following things in mind:

* Starcraft2 is much more fun when played with other people, this is the main objective of our clan * Since we want to have fun while playing SC2, we don't want to have to deal with rude people * Real life comes before SC2 and the clan, so there are no ridiculous rules or unnecessary expectations

Here are some of the main things our clan likes to do:

* Help with training and teaching of new and experienced players to get better and excel at the game! * Group games -- 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 and Custom Games * Forum to discuss strategies, map editing and just BS-ing

If this sounds like a clan you are interested in, go to our site:

• Portal

Register a forums name and fill out an application in our Announcements section of the forum. After you are set up, the rest of the forum will be open for you to view as well as post.

We want to grow our brand new site and we need you to do this. Check us out.

Someone had brought up to me that you can not read anything in the Application section of the forum. New registered users can not read topics in the App section of our forum, but they can post their own app thread there, read their own and edit their own thread in the app section. This is done strictly for the users' privacy. It is set up this way, just in case. But, don't let that discourage you! Come check us out and help us grow!