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[COLOR=white]JAM Empire[/COLOR] [COLOR=white]The JAM Empire is an international community of online gamers that has been flourishing since the end of the summer of 1996. We have played many different games in the past and will continue to play many more in the future. We currently have divisions for Starcraft II (LJE) and First Person Shooters (SJE). We also have a Global division (GJE) that we use to test the viability of new games, as well as some old ones that interest has fallen off of. But belonging to a division does not impose any restrictions against playing other games. Ultimately the members of the Empire decide what divisions we have and what games we do and do not play.[/COLOR] [COLOR=white]JAM was founded and developed by gamers and continues to be run by gamers. Only those who meet our high standards will be accepted and allowed to remain within our ranks. Membership in JAM is obtained through invitation by a recognized recruiter only.[/COLOR] [COLOR=white]This Empire is based on a type of hierarchical ranking structure that gives ultimate power to those who earn it. Our members are organized into divisions depending on the game they play most regularly and are then further organized into platoons under the leadership of qualified veterans. Each individual member has a rank that is determined by several factors including the amount of time they've been in JAM, their contributions to the Empire, their activity, manner, and sportsmanship among other things. Only platoon and division leaders who have proven themselves over time have the ability to promote members to higher ranks.[/COLOR] [COLOR=white]As members climb through the ranks they gain power and privileges over other members of the Empire. Eventually some of the more active and responsible members will find themselves in a position that will allow them to recruit new members and command their own platoon or even their own division.[/COLOR] [COLOR=white]We are run by an administrative body known as the High Command which consists of the leaders of all the divisions as well as some of the oldest and most experienced members of JAM. This ruling body has the ultimate say in all of the Empire's matters.[/COLOR] [COLOR=white]JAM is a unique community that provides its members with an opportunity to interact with people around the world. The most dedicated and respectable members rise to the top and maintain the integrity of this Empire. Awards are given out to those who contribute the most and tournaments are held to allow our most skilled players to achieve glory as well.[/COLOR] [COLOR=white]If you are interested in learning in a little more detail, [/COLOR][COLOR=deepskyblue]consider [/COLOR][COLOR=deepskyblue]previewing this slideshow about JAM[/COLOR][COLOR=white].[/COLOR] My contact information is below. Thank you.