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21st June 2009

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#1 11 years ago

Is Starcraft 2 likely to support SLI? I'm getting a new computer soon, and I'm deciding which video card(s) to buy. I want to get two GTX 260 core-216's, as they will run the games I plan on playing (Crysis, GTA IV, Far cry 2, Dawn of War 2, WoW(I know it doesn't support multiple GPU's, but even a single 260 is overkill for it) and others) with ease. The other choice is the GTX 285. Two 260's outperform a 285 by quite a bit (about 20 fps on max settings in Far Cry 2), but SCII is one of my most anticipated games, and I don't want to be screwed over on the framerates. The prices are pretty close, but I'm leaning on the 260's, as I said before. Could someone tip me all the way toward them or at least even the playing field for the 285? :uhm:

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#2 11 years ago

Worse comes to worse, you disable sli and play straight on a single card. Takes three minutes.