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D I A B L O - Mortal Shroud splashscreend.jpg

Quote from Ogden the Tavern OwnerThank goodness you've returned! Much has changed since you lived here, my friend. All was peaceful until the dark riders came and destroyed our village. Many were cut down where they stood, and those who took up arms were slain or dragged away to become slaves - or worse. The church at the edge of town has been desecrated and is being used for dark rituals. The screams that echo in the night are inhuman, but some of our townsfolk may yet survive. Follow the path that lies between my tavern and the blacksmith shop to find the church and save who you can. Perhaps I can tell you more if we speak again. Good luck.


  • Walk around with your Hero Unit (uh, how special...).
  • Buy, sell, repair and recharge Items in the Village called Tristram.
  • Meet Enemies inside the Dungeon below Tristram's Cathedral.
  • Find Items and gain Experience while slaying the Creatures of Evil.
  • Increase your Strength, Dexterity, Magic and Vitality.
  • Play alone or together with up to 3 friends
  • Read books to learn new spells and improve already learned ones
  • Enjoy the random quests taken out of Diablo 1.
  • Use QWERT as mouse button spell switching hotkeys.
  • Hold shift to force bow shots, spell casts or scanning for an enemy in mouse pointer direction in front of you to swing your melee weapon into.
  • Every game is different due to a random dungeon.
  • Improve your gear with Crafting items like magic stones and oils.
  • Try to gamble better gear at Wirt for two or three handfuls of gold pieces.
  • Find books of magic to learn some arcane spells. 17 spells are findable atm.

Hero Classes:

  • Warrior
  • Rogue
  • Sorcerer


  • 69 Base Items
  • 79 Prefixes (max. 1 per Base Item)
  • 93 Suffixes (max. 1 per Base Item)
  • rare items with 3 or 4 modifiers (Prefix, Suffix)
  • unique items (they are not really unique, in theory they can spawn multiple times a game, but they are usually strong and rare)
  • 35 gems and sockets on items
  • prefixes and suffixes are slightly more free than in the original Diablo titles. For example, helmets can provide you with life steal.
  • 6 Potion types
  • Wear a Helmet, an Armor, 2 Rings, 1 Amulet and a Weapon with or without a Shield
  • Carry additional Items within your Inventory
  • Repair your Items before they break. Every Item has its own Durability which can be decreased during a fight.
  • Stash your items at Gillian


  • More than 88 monsters are awaiting mortal flesh...
  • Some monsters will be champions with more health and some other specialties
  • 16 main Dungeons filled with different Enemies. Every "New Game" will create 4 different random Enemies in each Dungeon Level.

Changes from the original Diablo/Hellfire:

  • item details, prices, quality levels may have been changed
  • armor penetration works differently
  • many formulas are different now
  • items loose their max Durability before destruction
  • skills
  • rare items
  • random champion monsters
  • gems
  • more crafting

Progress: Quote Finished Systems: -Basic Dungeon Level generation for the first 4 levels (+chests) -NPC interactions [talk, trade, gambling] -Battle Calculations -Item Drops (no unique items, yet) -stairs system implemented (as far as dungeon exists) -mouse buttons + shift are the main controls now [original controls] -Camera follows the Hero unit + working click and hold -monster archers shot arrows on targets they can see and that don't have a Wall in the way. -working orbs, new layout, xpbar, monsterinfo area -spell chose dialog (click on mouse skill buttons to open and change) -Tristram terrain is pretty far -music is playing (do you remember the epic Tristram melody? ;D I hope I've created a good enough atmosphere in my version of Tristram) -books and bookshelves added -added the basics of 2 skills (multishot, leap) -5 quests are done -rare items added -champion monsters added -added 4 room doodad styles (library, sleeping room, storage, working area) for cathedral levels -added basic cave dungeon algorithm -skill/spell hotkeys added -buff display added -added hit effects (blood, fire, lightning, magic) -added unique item system -added cave levels -added gems, sockets and jewelcrafting UI

Currently working on: - skills and classes - redesign of the game using char level 76 as maximum - redesign of the game using D2's attack and defense system (D1's is too linear) - fixing bugs and improving existing systems - more unique items - missing catacombs quests

Screenshots: Note that these screenshots might be outdated and due to problem with the host of SEN (sql server goes away), I can't add more pictures in here. So feel free and browse the last pages of this thread to find more recent ones.

screenshot2012041204200.jpg ^ fixed lighting after a year

screenshot2011052120164.jpg ^ new font and alignments

screenshot2011051923141.jpg ^ Party member portraits and quest talk

screenshot2010111519570.jpg ^ Sell selection in every trade window.

screenshot2010110316255.jpg ^ The church

screenshot2011022706362.jpg ^ Archers and Hero and area name display after entering an area

terrain002y.jpg ^ Tristram with higher editor settings

screenshot2011080306461.jpg ^ A tome telling the background story of Diablo

screenshot2011032114234.jpg ^ Adria's Shack outside the city

screenshot2011032218051.jpg ^ Griswold's trade menu window. Only Griswold can repair items.

Video: most recent: Play Diablo In StarCraft 2! - YouTube older: EUsc2mapsterMapnight Testing #1 EUsc2mapsterMapnight Testing #2 Diablo like map - vid quality test - YouTube Starcraft 2 Custom Map - Dia Blo Mortal Shroud - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1uvUugIfwI&feature=player_embedded ^ don't trust every detail in that video's commentary

File Stats:

Insanity Box

Project's file size in battle.net: 57.0 mb uncompressed Triggers: 46.5 mb compressed Triggers: 5.05 mb MapScript uncompressed: 2721 kb Memory Usage: code 21%, globals 10% Triggers: 156 Functions: 731 Variables: 2704 Actions: 30670 Conditions: 7305 Events: 168 Function Calls: 24255 Comments: 1912 Parameters: 2008

Known Problems: Quote from Known Problems:)- Tooltips on units might look strange or end with "...". That seems to be a problem with the custom font style and Blizzard's code to calculate the required space for a tooltip. So if you read "SHRI...", it means "SHRINE". - The models aren't final. I'm always using the best I've got. - You can't put spells to the belt atm. This will be made possible with a skill window. - Tooltips can leave empty boxes on screen. Hover your mouse skills or the experience bar to remove these boxes. It's a bug in the engine with deleting tooltips while they are displayed. - Loading screen image isn't displayed for unknown reason.

If you find a bug: Quote from If you find a bugIf you find a bug, make a SCREENSHOT and try to write down some info about what happened and what could have caused that in your opinion and everything that might be important or related to that bug, please, and let me know about that bug. wink.gif I enabled replays now, so providing me with the replay will help me greatly, too.

Bugs, I need more info about: Quote from Bugs I need more info about

  • just give me bugs with as much details as you can to help me understand the source of the problem

Test it:

On the NA Server: version from 19.02.2013 [0.400 Public Demo]. (online: name: "Dia blo - Mortal Shroud") On the EU Server: version from 19.02.2013 [0.400 Public Demo]. (online: name: "Dia blo - Mortal Shroud") On the SEA Server: version from 19.02.2013 [0.400 Public Demo]. (online: name: "Dia blo - Mortal Shroud") On the HotS Beta Server: version from 27.01.2013 [0.304 Public Demo]. (online: name: "DIa blo - Mortal Shroud") starcraft://map/98/346


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Forgive the screenshot posts, somehow this forum doesn't let me re-size them to smaller size. This post was copied from the author who created the MOD