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#1 5 years ago

I been wanting to make an "ALL IN" Co-Op myself, would anyone be willing to help me out if I get any questions along the way?

My idea for the map is just a basic Co-Op of the map: - Co-Op (2 Terran players) - Difficulty Selector (Casual, Normal, Hard, Brutal) - Having both the Air Version, and the Nydas Worms version in the same Map - Both Players would be shared units, not individual. - Player have access to all mercenaries - Player has all Armory upgrades! - Players Choose Lab Research via Science Station or possibly have all I Need help on that last part, and possibly other parts such as adding a special harder then brutal difficulty called "Fatal". Le me know if you interested. I'm not looking for it to be #1 Co-Op map, just a CO-Op me and my buddy can play.