Multiplayer / VS A.I. options not working in cracked sc2 -1 reply

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#1 8 years ago

hi i just got sc2:wings of liberty cracked version from a friend the game works fine, ive ended the single player campaign, and now i want to play skirmishes against the pc, but i cant seem to create a game. when i select play vs AI or the multiplayer tab, nothing seems to happen... can some one help?? perhaps AI files arent included in the cracked version (installed size 12gb) but i cant seem to find any resource on the web to download those either ...

any help would be really appreciated. i cant wait to play my own maps and i dont even know whether i can play as zerg or protoss in the multiplayer :(:(

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#2 8 years ago

I suggest buying your own copy of the game. That should clear up any problems you may be experiencing.

For your convenience I will include a link to our forum guidelines.

Do not ask for 'No CD' cracks, CD keys or help with mod chips. Do not discuss or post links to sites that have roms, sites with illegal video or audio downloads, or anything that could potentially violate copyright laws. If you think it is a questionable link, do not post it. P2P Sites and links are not allowed to be posted. Face it, we all know that they are used 99% for downloading illegal content. Bittorrent is an exception, and only in certain cases. In such cases, a staff member will approve the thread or post by posting in it to show legitimacy.