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12th December 2005

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#1 13 years ago

One time when I was setting up my ships to play the wolf 359 mission in sp skirmish mode in the tng mega mod I've accidentally chose starbase assault instead, which I hadn't noticed until the mission has loaded up. So what I did was naturally to choose all 6 possible ships to be fed ships on my own side (in order to fight the cube). What happened when the starbase assault mission loaded was of course that there was a fed starbase in the distance, I was in a Galaxy, there were also 3 tng era excelsiors, a consty and a miranda on my side... and then I've noticed that in front of that starbase there were 6 borg assimilators arrayed in a drawn out battle line!!!

Wha?!!! I was actually gonna fight a 6 on 6 battle for the first time ever in sp skirmish in sfc3 - I couldn't believe what was happening!

Since then I've experimented a little and had nother mission where some rakellian and dominion frigates / light cruisers appeared instead of the borg. Don't know if this happenes in vanilla sfc3 or if anyone had noticed it before - it sure does in the tng mega mod!

Just wanted to let you guys know...