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12th April 2007

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#1 9 years ago

:( A few months ago i published a thread about sfc4 and that it would come out in october of 2010 at the earliest remember ? Well i went back to the people that i heard it from and now they state that as far as they know it has at least been delayed for a year if and that is a big if it is coming out ever. So this may seem that the people who stated that it would never happen might actually be right for a change. Or am i wrong in this ?:(


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6th February 2010

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#2 9 years ago

thought it was a fan-project... i spend a lot of time in modding Birth of the federation, bridge commander, starfleet comman I-III, legacy..... like an 300years old man said: "They say that time is the fire in which we burn." and so it is...you've never the time you need to finish things, cause there is a real life.