Breaking SFC3: aka how to kill a starbase with shuttles -1 reply

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16th July 2008

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#1 11 years ago

Im sory i just had to put this up, i have learned how to play around with sfc3's files quite well but ive had a number of missteps along the way... one of wich was the shuttle launching shuttle. even now i cant help but laugh histaricly at it but at any rate, well i noticed that some ships werent able to have or launch shuttles that by all rights should have no problems doing so such as the promethius, soulwolf and so on, so i looked in the default loadout specs and well saw that some had Shuttles 0:0:0 ... the answer well realy quite simple... Alt+E find replace all. Right? so i go and i do that changing Shuttles 0:0:0 to Shuttles 20:30:20 hence all ships now can launch 20 shuttles... a bit much but ehh what can you do, at anyrate i get into a battle with 3 Klingon dreadnaughts and i am almost sure that im fried so i launch a few shuttles as a fighter screen, hopefully to stave off my death untill they die first. Well suddenly i notice their are atleast 50 shuttles on the screen and they start ripping the ships to shreds. Little did i know that i gave the shuttles shuttle launching capability so each shuttle can launch 20 shuttles wich in turn can each launch 20 shuttles..... yeah and thus i give you THE SHUTTLE LAUNCHING SHUTTLE!!!! But it didnt end there, i decided to test my theory out, i took out the delta flyer up against a romulan starbase and within a period of 30 minuets the starbase was toast without me even firing one shot. thought you might find it amusing Velin


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5th September 2006

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#2 11 years ago

Interesting. I just like to beef them up a bit and so they are not so...well, stupid.