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5th September 2006

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This thread is for those who want to be creative in story and log recent battles, events and what not as you progress through the game. State the mod your playing if you want, so we have a frame of reference. Mine will be from the SFCIII mod I created. So…be creative commanders…tell us your story and Godspeed! Captain’s Log Stardate 56200.27 USS Sarajevo – Ambassador Class, Commanding. The war progresses well for the fleet; our division has been successful in 23 out 25 incursions against Klingon aggression. The Klingon’s have been pushed back across our boarder (for now) and the Romulan’s seem to have their hands full with the BORG. I am troubled to hear this news, as it was believed they were crippled following the incident with the USS Voyager some years ago. …RECORDING PAUSED… ….RESUMED… I…I, just received troubling, no horrific news. We are being recalled along with the 6th, 3rd and 4th fleets to Earth. It would appear several hours ago that a Borg Sphere emerged near Venus and that Earth’s limited defenses were overtaken fairly early in the fight. I can’t confirm at this time, but reports suggest…our world has been…assimilated. This war with the Klingon’s and our increased patrols along the Romulan boarder have left our internal defenses rather thin, for the sake of the Federation, I hope these reports to be false.