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8th August 2008

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#1 9 years ago

I'm currently playing the conquest campaign as the Borg, and wondered if there are hexes which contain the 3 empires Home Worlds (Earth, Qo'nos and Romulus) I've searched but I couldn't find any. Thanks in advance.


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5th September 2006

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#2 9 years ago

Depends on the Mod. You have to go in under your core/out files and string files under the assets folder and add them in. Then they will show up in the game (my mod has them if you want to download it), however, they will not look like the home worlds. I've tried to fix that but it must be a C++ gig, cause no matter what I do, the textures for each home world never show up, just the basic grey/green looking world you always see when you attack a planet. EDIT: Also forgot, you need to change the planet name to what you want it to be for each race under the "SinglePlayer" folder. Open "Character.gf" and scroll down to the races you want to change: //These are the names of Klingon Planet's [CreatePlanet/Klingon] 0="Qo'noS" Once you've changed the first planet name under "0" to "Qo'noS", and manipulated the appropriate files in your out/in and string folders (where you change/add names of ships) then the planet will show up in the appropriate hex for that empire.