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26th August 2004

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#1 13 years ago

OK...from my last post, I have found that you can have a scan mission even if no planet shows up in the close view of the hex...they are just very few and very far between. I have one phaser bank that keeps going to yellow even though I have taken no damage. I will repair it and it will work fine until I exit the battle and enter a new battle...then it will need to be repaired again. I tried to replace it at a starbase but it still happens. Is this typical? Is the only way to fix this to buy another ship? OK...I always suspected that the mass was acting funny (like adding 300 to mass for a unit that stated it was 250 and had added 250 in another location). I figured I must be mistaken but now I know I wasn't. When replacing the 11 phaser didn't stop it from needing to be repaired entering every battle I decided to replace it with a 10 (50 less mass) and change a different 10 to an 11 (add the 50 back). When I made the switch I was 50 OVER mass...even though all I did was switch 10 and 11 phaser locations, I didn't add any mass at all. Is this part of the game (i.e. mass for systems is only approximate and can change randomly)? Is this a known glitch? Last do you take a hex with an enemy planet in it? I have attacked enemy ships multiple times in the hex, destroyed the planet multiple times, taken over hexes around the hex containing the planet and planted a starbase in an adjacent hex. Nothing I do seems to have any effect swaying the hex with the planet to my side. Thanks!