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21st April 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Hello everyone. I am new around here and hope that someone might be able to help. I have played most of CCG and have noticed some slight pausing, lag or jerky playback during video and during gameplay. This lag gets even worse in an 8-player skirmish map. Has anyone else experienced this? It is an intermittent lag that doesn't seem related to hard drive access. I have a Pentium 4, 1.5Ghz, GeForce 3, 640MB RAM and a 40GB HD and it just seems that it isn't running as it should be. For the most part, it is very playable, but a bit irritating. After a little bit on 8-player skirmish with only 4 teams, it starts becoming very unplayable. Also, I am running version 1.5. Now, I don't want to start complaining about EA Games here, but I stopped playing Sim City 4 because of similarities in performance. In fact, now that I think about it, I bought Battlefield 1942 and quickly gave that game away. The other games that I have played; Soldier of Fortune 2 and Splinter Cell, have performed just fine. Any suggestions? TIA!