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26th August 2004

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#1 15 years ago

In the single player conquest (non-story driven) is there anyway to capture a hex without fighting enemy ships? I know you can do a scan mission but those only show up in hexes with planets. My problem is that I have been invading a section of Romulan space (playing as the Federation) and it is a hopscotch of neutral and Federation territory because some hexes just never seem to have any Romulan ships in them. Do I have to just sit around and hope to catch Romulan ships in a certain hex someday? Also, are you only allowed (given?) two support ships when you play conquest mode? I have never had more than two ships ask to join my fleet. If there are only two ships should I dismiss the small support ships in the hope that larger ships will ask to join? (I'm up to a Soveriegn so it's not like I'm looking for a ship larger than the one I have to join -- I know that isn't allowed). Thanks for any help.