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#1 8 years ago

Amagosa is pretty much the only person that knows about this, but i'm pretty much thanks to some inspiration to the buyable station's mod that was released about 3 years ago, and being commissioned by one of my friends who was very impressed with some of my mods, i've pretty much managed to reprogrammed some stations for the Federation TNG era to be playable in game. so far i've only tested this in Aftermath 2.0 but so far i've got an Engineering Station and a Command Post.

Generally they can take a beating, but not by an overwhelming force of ships....say like a armada of Dominion, Romulan or even Klingon vessels. at the moment I plan to to release the before mentioned Engineering Station or what I like to call Starfleet Corps Of Engineers HQ, an Command Post, or Starbase 352....(yeah im a nerd so sue me) an re-worked version of my weapons platform, the Federation Turret in case some of you don't know, and a sensor array that has the ability to defend itself while doubling as a ordinary sensor array. i plan to give it standard phasers and micro quantum torpedos but until i can test it, only then i can show you pictures. but i'll post what i can later if i can.

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