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Greetings Community, The Aftermath Mod Team is looking to fill a few areas under the direction of Eric the Red and Tjoz to bring together a fully functional Campaign system for Legacy. Eric the Red has built and tested a system based on the old Star Fleet Command 3 Campaign system which he has made to function in Legacy environment. Still in its experiment stages though coming along well, though this is for the entire community.

If you are interested in participating and helping or want to simply contribute by offering up maps you have made, ships or simply would like to help in other ways we are more than willing. This isn’t per se a Mod it is more less something for the entire community to come together on and work on. Items we would like or need to obtain our goal on this project: 1. Models, races: Species 8472, Vulcan, Cardassian, Dominion, Breen, Pirates, Orion, Ferengi and more….. If you wish to contribute let us know we will need the help. 2. We are going to need aprox 900 maps, any size, any type of nebula, star system. (As we realize that we aren’t going to get 900 maps we will have to double up on many maps so we will need some open space with items in them for open space. 3. Type of Maps, Station maps, Example: like a large shipyards, cargo ships, starbases, Nebulas, If you are interested please email or visit our forums: Aftermath Mod & Eric The Red Campaign System Team Forum Name: Campaign System: Outpostrader Gaming: Forum