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#1 10 years ago

Hey all,

I've been rather quiet lately, due to studying modding has been on the back burner,

However i plan to come back with the USS Spartan (ye ok the names probably been taken)

Not meaning to try to build up suspense, but i want to keep details to a minimum :p

Im having a few trouble with the logos.

Main trouble is that the "sections" i have cut up for the logos just show up black.

to me this seems to simply ive done something wrong :p

Can anyone give me a quick rundown of whats up? I'll gladly send the offending logo file to those who wish to help me with it.

ITs getting a bit "aaaaah" atm.

Also, another thing, my ship doesnt have any torps (i have the correct out lay, but the number just comes up with 0)

If it isnt too obvious, im a little out of practice with this stuff :p