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2nd April 2008

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#1 11 years ago

you guys remember in the first two seasons of DS9 as well some episodes of voyager where the mirco torpedoes were featured? well i think i've just accidently made them by mistake and will be ready for all conversion mods (that can handle the use of a shuttle, runabout, etc)

anyway, enough of my babbling. (hears a crowd saying "get on with it")

pretty much the entire concept of mirco torpedos are that even though they are small in size than a normal photon warhead, it carries probably enough damage if to say, the Detla Flyer in it's first launch....before the fissures lol.

there going to be three sets for the federation, basic photon torpedos, borg enhanced photon torpedos, and mirco quantum torpedos. all torpedoes will have they're own weapon ordanance set as well brand new scripting just like any new weapon. i've tested the mirco photon torpedo so far and it works....on a ship that could carry a crap load of them.

other thing is, the torpedoes will have a better hit to miss rate, where you're pretty much guarranted a hit every time you fire.

i'm also considering modding the same weapon mod for other races. but until i decide what is going where, this is the final decision. until then, i'll keep you updated!!



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7th June 2008

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#2 11 years ago

Great idea getting this for Legacy Tj, you know you should also try to see if you can get Legacy torpedoes, micro or otherwise, to fire in spreads. Meaning the first shot of torpedoes will consist of three to four torpedoes and then have it vary from one to two projectiles after that until there's a break and the launchers can have time to fully reload. It's from a mod I released not too long ago for a2(would be nice to see if it's even possible for Legacy gaming)certainly would make fighting enemy ships a bit more canon don't you think? :D