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#1 12 years ago

Hi, I am nearing the final product of and Stargate game (this game has the simmilar coding for the legacy game.) but i need any stargate ships, that means and SG-Atlanis , SG-1 ship and stations and can find or produce.

I have been trying to convert some ships over from legacy with no success. I am also not sure not to open a .SOD file in milkshaper. Other then this that game should be very good.

I am also trying to find out how to get the MVAM working in legacy, I have been looking around at the other ones mainly armada 2. but as of yet not luke. ty for any help on this matter.

Any support in these matters would be appreciated, so if you find anything contact me at my email address "" or if you want to talk in IM it is the same address.

If anyone has got the bridge commander game the inside view code of that game will be useful in making and inside very on The Stargate game.

please make as many suggestions on this tread as wanted (only on topic plz).:)