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13th March 2007

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#1 11 years ago

Ok, so after hours of messing with the map editor, endless sessions of trial and error, I researched and discovered that without the script tools you can't even tell a given ship in a mod mission "Go Over There". So we can make all the pretty ships we want and play them in multiplayer or in one dimensional skirmish games, but we cannot make missions that have any detail, no objectives, no custom wav files, no nothin'. Are there any programs available with which to edit/create drl,dsl files for Legacy? Is there any word on whether Bethesda or Mad Doc, whichever, plans to release the scripting tools for our use?:mad:


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10th March 2007

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#2 11 years ago

Actually this very question was asked directly to MadDoc and the response is not good. STLF Going back to modding, has it been decided how much of the game will be moddable?...Could you, for example, create custom missions?

MD We don’t officially support modding, so I can’t go into any details.;30719 After seeing the lack of support from Maddoc, including two rather useless patches, I don't think we will ever see any help from them. It's up to us modders to figure it out it appears.