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Introducing the first release for STL: The Aftermath STL: The Aftermath is the first hybrid mod for Legacy-half mod and half tutorial. The mod half, with improved AI, many new maps, game modes and much more gives people the chance to experience Legacy in a different light. Load up one of the many new Death Match maps and be surprised at how the enemy reacts-they will hunt you down and act smarter then originally made. Not only do you have the many new Death Match maps, you also have the Enhanced Armada mode that is different to the original Armada mode created for UUM. Gone are the predictable fleets at either end of the system and in its place are multiple fleets spread out over a system that consist of destroyer wings, cruiser wings, battleship wings, the defense line and the front line. Also gone is the bunched up fleets, the battles are further spread apart to really give the impression of giant system battles-or wars. The tutorial part of the mod offers something no other mod does-the chance and encouragement for users to mod STL: The Aftermath. With in-depth tutorials and templates for players to use, the friendly and easy structure of the tutorials allows the player to make changes without the fear of crashing the game. Also included is the Map Editor with a basic tutorial in-game that you won’t find in any other mod. Although this is the first major release, there are more releases planned with work already begun on Stage 2 that will have more tutorials and existing tutorials further improved, new ships, maps, game modes and other special features that will extend the life and user enjoyment of playing STL: The Aftermath Location of Download: Outpostrader Gaming: Downloads / STL The Aftermath Mod File Name: The Aftermath Map Editor Tutorial_(pre_release) Thank you, The Aftermath Mod Team Website: Email: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] or [COLOR=black][EMAIL=""][/EMAIL][/COLOR][COLOR=black][/COLOR]