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#1 11 years ago

A little set of previews for you all today, the first release will be available in the next few days. Test compile gets done later tonight, last minute testing gets done tomorrow then Friday will be day of release (Thursday for the people that are a day behind me).

Today you get to see 3 map previews, they are all Death Match maps. These are only 3 of 20 original maps that will be in the first release, 19 of which are unique to STL: The Aftermath (the Death Match map Vantai was the only map brought over from UUM to STL: The Aftermath). There are 15 new Death Match maps and 5 new Armada maps. All the maps in STL: The Aftermath are made from scratch, all originals too. I like making my own environments, I like having creative freedom

These previews have been scaled down from their original size, not only are you getting to see a preview of 3 maps but you are also seeing what the loading screens look like in STL: The Aftermath. Accurus helped me with the Aruba one that you see here. 3 Map Previews: Link to videos: Outpostrader Gaming: Forums / Aftermath Mod Updates / Aftermath Update - Videos to Watch! Dont forget to sign up at the forums over at Outpost Traders Gaming, that is the home of STL: The Aftermath and the place to put any bug findings and comments on the upgrade system. Visit out Site: