User Submitted News Item: A solution for performance issues with Trek Battles 2 -1 reply

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#1 11 years ago

905.jpg The author left no contact details with this news item and all I know is that he goes by the name of "Jay" - Can the owner perhaps take ownership with a post in this thread? Anyways, the item was rejected as it isn't really news, it's a tip: Hey guys dont know if this will help any of you out but it worked for me. I've had this kind of problem with another popular Bethesda softworks game. Oblivion tm. Uninstall everthing -eek! i know- this includes your save files, this wont work (and im not saying it will work for anybody else) if your save files are still present. when the uninstall is done go to C:program filesBethesda softworks and delete the legacy folder. now defrag your hard drive -this is just a good idea- and reinstall legacy then immediately install trek battles 2 and the if you have a wide screen monitor select 1600X900 for the resolution and turn the AA down to 1X shadows dont matter. Now i dont know if this will work for any body else but im still useing the sys specs that i posted (comment #69) on the trek battles2 file download page. My performance has gone from what I describe there to slight lag on missions like praksics wars barely noticeable and an average fps of 29 which is more than except able for me compared to my performance before! I cant stress enough that i don't know if this will work for any body else. but the oblivion file structure and mod management is very picky about adding graphical mods to an already existing graphics file structure, it gets confused and has to sit and think about which graphics to load then it loads them and runs great until it has to do it again, then it runs bad, loads the correct graphics and runs fine. Like i said i don't know if this will work for anyone else but it seems to have worked form me. My sys specs haven't changed since last time. Don't try this if you don't WANT OR FEEL CONFIDENT IN YOUR ABILITY!!! Talk to ya later and this mod rocks. cant wait to see whats next. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks, Michael.


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#2 11 years ago

this should also work with other mods...not only with Trek Battles!