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#1 14 years ago

I am looking for somone to collaborate with on a USS Prometheus. I would like some help with some texturing and maybe a beta-tester or two to verify the multi-vector assault mode is balanced properly. Understand that what I have is rough around the edges. But it looks pretty cool when the current model splits up. Since i Have very little 3dsmax exp, the defiant class was used for the looks (at this point) and one comes out of the top and one the bottom when multivector assault mode is engaged. I am still working on programming in available various tactical manuevers which I see a being the easiest way of controlling all three parts... plus the other ships in your fleet. I feel its worth noting that as it stands right now, you can break off just the top or bottom and use them as a "pulse phaser gun boat" and use the two parts still merged as a battleship of sorts. I figure this is fair as some of the "lore" I picked up on seems to indicate to me that the warp core is a fragmentable by design, so a longer warp core in the unseperated sections = me making way too much and for too long phaser power available :) So far all they do is unload a lot of weapons fire and not much swarming goes on... Sometimes when the computer is controlling a Prometheus class boat it won't split them and sometimes it won't even fire. I have good ideas where to go but if I could get someone to aide in drawing up a model (hi-poly preferred) and skinning, I am pretty sure with a couple of willing testers we can make something out of effing control.