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29th March 2007

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#1 10 years ago

Hi guys I have a modded version of Legacy at home quite a few in fact ..But I have one that I have added everything from every mod out there.It has 17 races and is quite full and a lot of maps..Me and a friend of mine like to play it on line with Hamachi.But when we play a map I got from aftermath "Asceron" It will tell us we are "out of sync" after about 5 min..Is it the map or is it something eles? I think it has done this with other maps we have with. I have so many I can't remember exactly.I thought I read about UU having this problem.. Does anyone know what causes this ?and can it be fixed? And what file controls this? I need some help .never had this happen before.I don't have any idea what to do.. Please advise... Other than this the mod works very well no problems at all...