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10th January 2007

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#21 11 years ago

All major mods have the FreeCam including TB2.


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#22 11 years ago

Ive found the main culprit as to why Legacy lags with its nebulae and it falls on many reasons but they all fall down to one thing; process resources...

Map making plays a role in it, Legacy has to re-create everything made in a map and if objects are altered via in-game editor controls its going to take longer to process to recreate it. I came up with a new set of nebulae ages and ages ago which not only gave far more realistic and different types, but also lagless. Not to mention rapid game load times too (maps load within seconds, not minutes).

Every major mod has access to these nebulae sets (Aftermath, TB2, TLG, UUM and a few other mods), they take alot of the resource strain out of Legacy to give far smoother gameplay.

For a while Ive been thinking of re-designing all stock maps (Ive already done the Death Match ones) including re-designing the stock campaign maps to bring in more advanced map design that Ive come up with over the years (heading into 2nd year of modding Legacy...) to help bring more of Legacy to low end users. Ive also been playing around with releasing a Map Developer Kit (MDK) separately too.


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#23 11 years ago

Hey guys, I've got a Radeon 9250 (128 Mb) and every so often, the game will freeze and the screen go blank. Its not a major problem as I just minimize the game then maximize it again and everything is all good, but as you can imagine, it's annoying when it happens at a crucial time!

Does anyone know of a way to stop this happening? My system meets requirements. I've seen of Legacy Files that some else has had the problem with the 256 Mb version.