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#1 4 years ago


I am having some trouble with the TB Manager of STL Tools (I think it's version 3).

When I select the TB Ship Editor Tab, it says it can't find the C:/odf/ships folder, so I copied the folder and put it in C:/.

What I'd like to know is if I can change the directory in STL Tools so I don't have to keep a copy of the odf files under C:/

Moreover, when I click the edit tab for the ship in the TB Ship Editor, it says Windows can't open this file. On youtube I saw one user simply click edit and it opened up a new window to edit the values. I selected notepadd++ as the default program to open the file with, but I was hoping there was an easier way to edit the odf files without using a text editor. How do I get this to work properly?

Also, there is a tab for shader model settings. One is 1.1/2.0 and the other is 3.0. I am guessing that 3.0 is higher quality. Is this correct?

I'm also having trouble with Legacy Mod Tools. There's an ODF editor in that as well, but I can't figure out how to open the odf file with it.

There's a box for you to put the selected install folder, and it says double click to open. However, when I double click the box nothing happens.


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#2 4 years ago


Ok, I see now that TB Ship Editor will only open up the odf for you, but what I'd like to know if there's a ship editor out there (like Ultimate Editor) for BOTF that will open up those odf files in a nice little boxes for you to edit the stats.