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#1 10 years ago

Hey, i am currently looking for a few people who know how to program UI, Units, Projectiles. i am currently trying to program a mod that allows you to design your own tank Like Warzone 2100 (i have some ideas on how to do this) but i need some help in this area.

msn me at [EMAIL="war455@hotmail.com"]war455@hotmail.com[/EMAIL] or e-mail me at [EMAIL="war450@gmail.com"]war450@gmail.com[/EMAIL]

if your mail bounces back to you just msn me. :)

if any one is interested in helping with this project

I am also looking for modelers that know how to make models for supreme commander and get them working ingame (skinning, animation, rigging)


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#2 10 years ago

hmmm, this sounds interesting. do you have anyknowledge of supcom modding at all? fact be told, this is actually very easy to do, but there are some limiting factors like bone limits(thats abot it really) cause i would be able to make models, script and code them in....but i really dont want to do this if im the only one who's going to to be doing anything.