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#1 12 years ago

I was wondering about how hard to code some ideas might be, and as a lot of you do this a fair bit, you might just shunt me in the right direction, or just say "you would have to modify a LOT" and im only new at this, and cant dive very deep in lua code.

* Team linked Commanders On the same team, they all take damage when one does, all heal when one does, destruction of one destroys the others.

* Quantum Gate defence Start with a single, team QG. Summoned at spawn, id have no problems making maps just for this, so it summons in correct places. Destruction ends game. OR Gate is where experimentals come through; no gate no Exp. (or better idea pending.

etc etc.

Im just trying to make our games more "team based" as when one person gets taken out he has to wait a long time sometimes for the next game, and even if we dont play assasination, they cant exactly do much from another person base.

I cant find much out there, so if anyone has made something around this idea, let me know.


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#2 12 years ago

i cant code but i bet thats quite hard


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#3 12 years ago

Yes, well, I wasnt inferring for people to tell me exactly what do.

What I was actually after was an idea, from anyone that had done mod work on the units, on how difficult event triggering might be. Coding can sometimes take two tottaly different forms:

Example: Flying engineers;

Easy way: just change the code that says "unit can fly" and tweak some settings in the UnitBluprint{} code, as done in the FlyingBuilders mod by DoomHammer Productions. Simple, effective, it just works.

Hard way: make new units models, textures, add the units to certain factories, make them appear on the menu, change their flight models, stats etc .... dear god, way out of my league, yet done in the Airborne Ebginners mod. Hats off to bonomel for a very sleek piece of work. DIving in the code scares me a little, being new and all.

If there was an easy way, and I dont see it, I might take the wrong direction, and die trying. If there was a simple OnCommanderDeath{} event already - that I cant see atm - it would solve all my problems. Well, I'll keep looking ...

Ive actually downloaded the "Art Of Defence" map, and the "Zone Control" map. Both contain really cool ideas in code, and that will get me started anyway.

If anyone knows of other whacky gametypes or maps like that, thats actually what I am after, so I can look inside and get some ideas.

Thanks fo the help anyways.


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#4 12 years ago

well here is a co-op mod GPGnet :: View topic - [REL FA] Advanced Coop [v3] that sounds like the closest thing to what you are talking about but other then that I dont know you should post a forums cause they are allot smarter then any of the moders here (except hawkeye)


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19th November 2007

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#5 12 years ago

That mod looks dead judging by the ETA to v4.