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#1 11 years ago

Which of these mods change the tech 3 Engineers so that they can't build experimental units but only the SCU's and upgraded ACU's can?

And how do I edit that mod so that just that feature is removed (like in the case of Blackops, so that I still keep the new units)


BlackOps Unleashed (2.1) Deep Blue Naval unitpack (latest) GilbotXs Mod Pack (1.9) Experimental Wars (1.9.0)

Thanks in advance:)

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#2 11 years ago

First and foremost your not allowed to edit a mod without the developers permission. Once you have the developers permission, you can edit it using SupCom Mod editor tools that edit certain files, I don't have the names right now but you can google them for sure by searching 'SupCom Mod Editing Tools'.