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#1 16 years ago

Hello all. Im a representative from the well-established, and well-organized group called the Hammer's Fist Elite Stormtrooper legion (HF). The HF is a subgroup of the much larger Star Wars genre club called the Emperor's Hammer (EH). The Hammer's Fist has been around since the beginning of the Emperor's Hammer, which has turned 9 years old last January. It boasts are large amount of players in both Role-playing (RP) and Multi-player (MP) functions. We have a well established command, and rank system, as well as a talented, and intelligent General Staff (GS - the leaders of the HF) Now, we are looking for new SWBF players to add to our small contigent. We prefer skilled players who can teach us, but new players are always welcome. I hope to see lots of new recruits :) Our site: http://www.hammersfist.net/ You can email me at [email="hyltonbuijs@hotmai.com"]hyltonbuijs@hotmail.com[/email] or on IRC (Undernet servers channel: #hammer's_fist and ask for LC_Archangel) Me on the rosters: http://www.hammersfist.net/profile.php?pin=632 Direct link to join: http://www.hammersfist.net/join.php Thank you.