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25th March 2006

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#1 14 years ago
[IGF] [Imperial.Ground.Forces] For the Empire www.darkjedi.org/club/IGF In the past, armies have been known to fold up and quit because the men didn't know what they were fighting for, or why, and therefore lacked the will to fight. But IGF does not have that weakness. Each one of us was a volunteer to begin with, each for some reason or other--some good, some bad. But now, we fight because we're the Imperial Ground Forces with esprit de corps. We're Imperial Soldiers, the best unprintable outfit in the whole expurgated galaxy; we climb into our transports because the Empire tells us it's time to do so, and we fight when we get down there because that is what Imperial Soldiers do.

[INDENT]Above all, we are a gaming community designed to promote a safe and fun environment for outgoing gamers of all ages. Whether you're 13 or 30 (or 60), IGF has a place in its ranks for you. There is no discrimination based on age, and we're governed by Rules and Regulations that ensure that the content on the site is no less appropriate than day-time television (but with much less obscenity). Of course all this is from the IGF website so here is my personal opinion. It is usually hard to find a good SWBF2 server to play on, with plently of people, or hard to find a good community of people to enjoy this game with. This is what IGF is about. We have around 100 members, all active nearly everyday. We have two servers, a public and a private server. We are part of www.battlestats.com This is where we record games that we want to put into events for IGF. We are milatiristcly ranked, so you know who your adressing over XFire or MSN. We have numerous forums, all of our own. We have our own Teamspeak server. Over all i beleive we are one of the most active clans out there. Lots of players and always someone to who will have a good fun game with you! Message me on FileFront, or add me on XFire "lordnessie" or simply email me [EMAIL="chris_heather619@hotmail.com"]chris_heather619@hotmail.com[/EMAIL] just get in touch for a great gaming community! [/INDENT]


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#2 13 years ago

dont forget that IGF hosts events weekly and despite our large size, we are very organized and everyone knows everyone. We are also a mature clan that doesnt get in immature fights over simple disputes with other clans or get angry because a member leaves to join another clan like some other clans might do. IGF is one of the most mature clans out there so please remember to join. and if u do join, set ur recruiter as JT121 or whoever the above guy is. email: [EMAIL="jtoups121@gmail.com"]jtoups121@gmail.com[/EMAIL] XFire: jtoups ingame name: [IGF]JT121