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#1 15 years ago

We are a Mac based Star Trek Elite Force Clan exploring the possibility of making Star Wars Battlefront our secondary multiplayer FPS game.

Check us out:

As you know, it was just last month that Battlefront was finally released to us mac gamers, and we are now just starting to plunk around with this game. With that fatal bomb of Star Trek Elite Force II, our clan is in an evolutionary dead-end. We are interested in Sci-Fi FPS games, and quite frankly HALO just didn't cut it with the clan. So we've been clinging to the past waiting for something new. Well, we think we might of found what we were waiting for in Star Wars Battlefront. It'll take a few more weeks to ramp-up enough players to field a match, for our clan members are just now starting to dig into their pockets to make the purchase.

I'm just curious about clan opinions concerning Battlefront and its playability in inter-clan play. We usually play capture the flag in inter-clan play. How gratifying is capturing command posts in comparison?

Also, we love mods, how user friendly are the mods in Battlefront? Can someone give me links to any "How To" info?

In conclusion, be aware... The Mac gamers are coming and we kick butt! :) If you're a mac gamer, drop in and say hello on our forum:cya: