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[SIZE=18]General Information[/SIZE] Siken Clan is a casual Eaw,Foc,swbf and other starwars games type of Clan geared towards good players. We are very organized and professional, our clan Message Board (accessible [color=red]HERE[/color]) which will be fully completed as soon as possible. If you are looking for a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere, this is the clan for you. [SIZE=18]Requirements[/SIZE] all star wars video games that the clan currently supports players are welcome to clan. Please be a little mature. We'd really rather that you say "I killed a really tough sniper online" instead of "LOL I OWNED THAT NOOB IN THA NABOO LEVEL LOLOL NOOB". Just keep the dumbness down a little. [SIZE=18]Other Information[/SIZE] Before you join, it is importent to realize that. Siken Clan is about teamwork and learning to be an effective player, not giving handouts to lazy people. Also, we do NOT do Clan Alliances. You are welcome to merge with our clan if there is need to do so, but alliances, in our eyes, simply complicate what could be a simple matter. If you are to join the clan message board, you must register using your in-game name to avoid confusion. If you do not, your account name will be changed to your IN GAME name with the =(S)= infront if you are accepted via email. We are very strict in our rules and policies, so don't break any of them or you WILL be punished. [SIZE=18]Application Form[/SIZE] If you would like to join, please fill out and send the following application form to [][/EMAIL] and we will check it over. Please don't try to fake your stats, as this will get you kicked out. IN GAME NAME: Age: name: Favroit game: How will you help the clan What was your reason for joining the clan? Have you read the message board rules and regulations? Mail it to the aforementioned address.