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The Imperial Dominion is a Star Wars oriented gaming club which focuses primarily on the line of Star Wars games published for the PC by LucasArts. We take the traditional "gaming clan" concept one step further, providing a unique atmosphere based around an Imperial-styled military structure. Members have the opportunity to earn awards and accolades, and move up through the ranks of the club.

The Dominion currently is home to Star Wars fans from all across the globe, with members from the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany making up the bulk of our membership.

Upon enlistment in the Dominion, members select from one of two branches in which to serve: as a Marine in the Achoron Marine Corps, or as a pilot in the Achoron Naval Corps. These two branches serve as the background for a new member's persona; however one should note that branch selection does not in any way affect the games that you may play or club activities that you may participate in.

We officially support the following gaming platforms, however you will often find members within the club who organize themselves internally and play a wide variety of other games.

  • Star Wars Battlefront II (club server)
  • Star Wars Battlefront I
  • Star Wars Galaxies (club player's association)
  • Star Wars Empire at War
  • Star Wars: X-wing Alliance
  • Star Wars: X-wing vs. TIE Fighter
  • Star Wars: TIE Fighter

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