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#1 6 years ago

Hello there. I have a strong desire to play out a "what if " scenario involving the kamino uprising. I'm not ashamed to admit the fact I want to do a sort of "sub mod" for the kotor conversion pack, effectively replacing the old republic and Sith to the republic (renegade clones) and the empire. I have the Starwars battlefront 2 mod tools, photo shop and a freeware hex editor but have pondered for hours with no avail. Im not set out to do anything ambitious at all, and only intend to use the games vanilla models. Unfortunately I can only find a few tutorials on building maps and importing meshes and such, nothing on how to do a simple sides edit. So anyone out there with modding experience, or simply interested in the prospect of a clone rebellion, please give me a pointer or two? I fear, you are my only hope. My email is: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] :bows: