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11th September 2004

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#1 15 years ago

"X-Wing" Novel Series Mod

I was hoping to create a mod in tandem with my realisim mod, and have it be something along the lines of a mod that exactly follows the course of the stellar X-Wing series of novels by Aaron Alliston and Micheal A. Stackpole. (Really great novels). This mod will include: The characters form the novel You start off at the Folor training center. A Couple of missions there, and on Commenor. A few starfighter missions (i'll explain more later) The Raid at Talsea (That'll be the Mission Name) The fight for Borlieas. The insertion into Coruscant, and several missions there. Perhaps Corran Horn's "Great Escape" from the Lusankya. The Liberation of Thyferra (duh) Possibly a side mission to the Halamat Colony. (Use Stuff from Hoth to do this one.) More starfighter missions. 1st Chapter Ends.

2nd Chapter: Wraith Squadron Start off at Folor again. (I hate Folor, it's just so boring) Starfighter fight against the Implacable, rather it's TIEs, and that little trick in the Pig Trough, with the mock up Millenium Falcon. The next couple of missions could be purely ground based, unless someone has a way to do the Night Caller. That little raid on Halamad, where they stole the Interceptors. The rest of those ground missions that they do, you know, like the onw to Binring Biomedical, etc.

I was thinking for the Starfighter missions, that someone model a hangar, and create spawn points there, and the rest of the territory be space, with a spwan hangar on the enemy ship, or whatever. Also, there should always be at least 3 or 4 ships in the hangar (preferably X-Wings, but i guess 1 or 2 Y-Wings would be better).

Anyways, Anyone who is interested in helping me out here, i can do sounds, but not modeling and skinning. If you have any other ideas, questions, comments, concerne, etc. , just pm me. Thx.

25th February 2004

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#2 15 years ago

Sounds nice.. as soon the mapping tools comes out. And when I know how to use that things. I can help!