Help im confused with this modding buisness! I need serious help -1 reply

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#1 13 years ago

I just decided to learn how to mod today, and i was doing pretty well i think. i got my map made and am to the point where i have to edit the map so its not a flat killing field. this is what it says in the included guide "In order to use objects from the shipped worlds (I’ll use Kashyyyk as our example here), you’ll need to copy those assets from the \BF2_ModTools\assets\worlds\KAS\msh and \BF2_ModTools\assets\worlds\KAS\odf folders". i cant read the files for the stuff like objects, and sky texutres and all that though. they all have the same icon and it says windows cannot open this file when i click on it. image1.gif please help a clueless noob! :lookaround: