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#1 11 years ago

Well, I was bored and thought I would make a simple mod: Change the GCW coruscant conquest map so that it would be jedi vs sith. Nothing too hard right? So anyway, I set it up so that the rebels side was changed to Jedi Knights, and Jedi Protectors... vs the imp side Sith Lords. These are my changes:

SIDE\all.lvl >>> SIDE\jed.lvl all_inf_rifleman >>> jed_knight_02 all_inf_rocketeer >>> jed_knight_03

SIDE\imp.lvl >>> SIDE\jed.lvl imp_inf_rifleman >>> jed_sith_01

This is for the GCW conquest cor.lvl. Do a text search, its the 7th cor.lvl down. I am using PSPad btw. And yes, before you ask, all extra letters/hex numbers have been properly overwritten with periods/zeros.

Now the problem:

When I start the map, everything works fine, then usually about 30 seconds in, the game crashes. This happens everytime, right about when the first jedi attacks the first sith. I tried this again with just Jedi Protectors vs Sith Lords and again with just Jedi Knights vs Sith Lords. It worked both times. =/ SOOOOOO..... that means that it only crashes when I am using BOTH Jedi Protectors AND Jedi Knights vs Sith Lords. I have never encountered this problem before and am at a loss to why it occurs and how to fix it.

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi (or whoever) youre my only hope!?

Thanks in advance, Seth Black