how do i cange the wepones for the inf for all sides to diffrent wepons -1 reply

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23rd April 2006

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#11 12 years ago

actually thats as far as i can get. i know how to make new sides and everything but i can never get it ingame. and btw theres a catch to this. unless you can find someone who knows how to hex edit or knows how to use the mod tools to edit existing sides, you have to do this process for every single map. hopefully, you only wanted this on a few maps or this is gonna be a pain. (actually, if your new its a pain just making the new sides). im sorry but im tired right now and that guide i gave you above is the best description i can come up with for now. maybe ill come to my sences tomorrow. ive just got 2 last things. check these two places, open up your mod tools and go to C:/BF2_modtools/documentation/BF2 Jedi Creation.doc or could provide more help. (ps: gametoast has been having problems lately so dont be surprised if its not working. i think *cough*pray*cough* they are uploading the conversion pack1.8)

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