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#1 13 years ago

I am currently making a few sides to put into a map. The sides are all lightsaber equipped. The units will be different creatures, like ewoks, gungans, gamorreans, geonosians, wookies, bothans, and a few others. Like I said, everyone will have a lightsaber, and a few force abilities. Now, my question is this: could someone please make a map that has buildings, some that one can go into, and some that one can't. A map kinda like Mos Eisley, but with more enterable buildings. One where there would be a lot of close ranged combat in tight places, as well as having more open places. Also, it would have to be on the smaller scale. If someone could do this, I will send them the side, and they could put it into the map. It would be a joint effort, and so both would get a spot in the credits. I would really appreciate it.