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17th July 2008

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#1 12 years ago

Hey i'm pretty new to mods and maps and all and i dont know how to make one so i just wanted 2 ask if some could please me a Jedi/Sith Mandalorian with a red lightsabre, and possibly hood and cape or those skirt things darthmaul has if that is possible called Lord Arai. Basically the same Madalorian from battle of the Titans, silver and black i think. for force powers force choke and lighting like the one that Darth Armonus has on the map Jandoon. u can take the jet pack off the sith or jedi and just give him force jump. oh and the lightsabre style of Mace Windu or luke skywalker has would be great lol. i know its a lot but i just really wanted a cool sith. Thanks if you choose to help me. oh and its for SBF2. thanks


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16th July 2008

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#2 12 years ago



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#3 12 years ago

hey, im a really big fan of ironman and im not good at modding. so i was wondering if a good modder could make me a map with all the ironman suits from the movie. on either death star or mos eisley. i would really appreciate it. :bows: