Need Star Wars Battlefront Codes For Old Version Of GameShark For PS2 -1 reply

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#1 13 years ago

Hello, hope someone can help. I need help converting GameShark 3 codes to an older version of GameShark for Star Wars Battlefront. I believe version 2 or even older, was bought a few years back and was bundled with GameShark PS1 CD as well. I converted some codes using MaxConvert v0.7, don’t know if they are correct, and I have no clue on how to do the Mastercode! (M) ???????? ???????? Infinite Health: 202C2A24 3C0145FA 202C2A28 AC410000 Infinite Primary Ammo: 20288F24 00000000 Infinite Secondary Ammo: 2028ECCC 00000000 Max Health: 202C2A24 3C0145FA 202C2A34 AC410008 Stupid AI: 20518320 00000001 Here are the original codes that I converted off of the GameShark website. [GameShark Version 3] (M) 98551B62 78A14991 Infinite Health: 2836ECF7 01962B05 2836EC54 6D2D7A65 Infinite Primary Ammo: 283279F7 0CA57A65 Infinite Secondary Ammo: 2832D066 0CA57A65 Max Health: 2836ECF7 01962B05 2836EC6F 6D2D7AF1 Stupid AI: 284B5603 0CA57A56 Thanks in advance, I know that someone on this forum should be able to help and I appreciate it.


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#2 13 years ago

well if the gameshark version u have came out a few years ago, doesnt that mean there would have been no codes made for Battlefront cause it wasnt even out yet!?


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#3 13 years ago

Older versions of GameShark are still very capable of working. It’s just that when MadCatz bought them out they switched reading “RAW code” to what they use in their new format, but with programs such as MaxConvert you can convert most code and still use your old GameShark. I haven’t been into this for quite sometime and I am now lost once again and need help.