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17th February 2007

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#1 12 years ago

could someone make one or two land and space maps with the zahn consortium... have them fighting either the rebels or the imperials... i dont care which i dont care which hero is on the consortium as long is its either tyber, urai, silri, bossk. or ig-88 the units i want zahn consortium versions of the basic 4: trooper, anti armor, sniper, engineer for the two bonus units i was thinking somthing like the defilers and the nightsisters preferably a good amount of vehicle combat on the land map feturing the canderous assult tank and the MZ-8 mobile plus cannon in space... probably the agressor, or the kaldabe class cruisers for the main ship, and the crusader gunship as the frigate skipray blast boat as the bomber, vrigo fighter/starviper as the main fighter, perhaps the rihkxyrk attack ship as the fast fighter, and for the transport... either the RZ-52 "dekard" transport ship, or the TZ-15 shuttle i would love to make this myself but i have very little modding experience please make this thanks in advanced