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#21 16 years ago

FedRebel Terminator: Battlefront Skynet launches one final blitzkrieg to try and destroy the resistance

Stargate: Battlefront It's time to rid the galaxy of the Goa'uld once and for all

Sounds like fun

This is probably off topic, but I think the Stargate people need to release a game for their fans to play.


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17th January 2005

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#22 16 years ago

Yeah. I was never a huge stargate fan, but I used to watch it when I came home for lunch, and I'm surprised there isn't already a game out. Those pikes would be fun to play with.


I didn't make it!

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#23 16 years ago
Captain Steve besides, there are mods on Battlefront Files that allow you to play jedi if you so desire.

hay no there isint a mod that dose that if there is then wow i am disinformed but if there is then where can i find it :)