unlimited time for hero's in SWBF2 -1 reply

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Tommy MK1

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11th April 2006

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#1 13 years ago

:help: I just want to know if there is a possibility to stop the timedelay (decreasing lightsaber) of the hero's in SWBF2, so that the only way of defeating a hero is through battle. I find it to be frustrating :mad: to play the hero for only a minute or 2. Is there already a mod like this. If not, could one be made? Could someone please :bows: give me an answer to this?

Voolvif Monn

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20th March 2006

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#2 13 years ago

I'll give you an answer:PM me(click my username and click send a private message to Voolvif Monn) and I'll tell ya!