Zero Editor, How do I get my world on the game? -1 reply

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27th September 2005

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#1 13 years ago

I figured out how to use zero but I don't understand how to get it to recognize it, When you save the world zero makes like tons of files and I don't know where to place them, or how to get the game to add my world, It's just Geonosis: Spire but I changed some stuff and added some stuff, It saved as like Geo2 or somthing but what do I do? If somone could reply or email me or IM me on AIM my name is "zapawaf123" thankyou


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6th October 2005

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#2 13 years ago

Go to the Battlefront Builder Directory and then open the folder Data...(...=your ModID). Start the exe clean, then edit_pc_addon_localize, then munge, then soundmunge, and last but not least sounmungedir. Now go back to BFBuilder folder and doubleclick onto AddOn. There will be you ModID as folder. Copy this folder to the AddOn folder of Battlefront. Start Battlefront and enjoy your map!:cool: